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Welcome to CMS! The Case Management System for Appellate Defenders, Inc.

Date : 1/31/2024

Regularly scheduled maintenance will occur on the first Monday of each month between 12:00 - 4:00am.

The claims portal will be unavailable during this time.

Date : 11/20/2023

Claims Approval Threshold Will Increase from $7,500 to $10,000 on November 20, 2023

Effective Monday, November 20, 2023, the threshold for management review of Court Appointed Counsel Program panel attorney claims will be raised from $7,500 to $10,000.

Date : 9/21/2023

Interim Claim or Supplemental Interim Claim - Submit Before Opinion Issues

ADI cannot recommend payment on an Interim Claim or a Supplemental Interim Claim after the Court of Appeal issues the opinion.  After an opinion issues, payment only on a Final Claim can be recommended.  Please prepare an Interim Claim or a Supplemental Interim Claim well before the Court of Appeal has submitted the case for decision.

Date : 3/13/2023

TrueFiling Fees - Avoiding Exorbitant Fees When Filing Writ Petitions & Petitions for Review

When initiating a new case by filing an original petition -- including a writ petition or petition for review -- select "File" and follow the on-screen prompts for making a submission.

Note: Whether filing a petition for review in a criminal, juvenile (delinquency or dependency), or civil commitment case, select "Criminal Petition for Review" as the "Case Type".  Selecting "Civil Petition for Review" will result in a $750 filing fee.

Date : 6/23/2022

ADI operations - Update (June 2022)

Our staff has transitioned to a hybrid model.  All staff attorneys are available via phone or email.  Our front office support staff remains onsite, in addition to a paralegal of the day. 

For the time being, ADI's physical office remains closed. 

Please continue to email transcripts and documents to the staff attorney assigned to your case, or if unknown, to our e-service address at eservice-court@adi-sandiego.com.

If you have specific questions, feel free to email Lynelle Hee at lkh@adi-sandiego.com.


Date : 11/14/2022

Special interim claims due to coronavirus -- These policies are now permanent.

These policies are now permanent.

Create an Early Interim to submit a pre-AOB claim when the record is over 1500 pages long or the augmented or corrected record has not been filed for 90 days. Claim time only for record review. Do not claim any other time or expense.

Create a Supplemental Interim to submit a claim after you have filed the reply brief. The claim is cumulative and the time and expenses you claimed on prior claims will populate. Do not make changes to the prepopulated entries. Add time only for reviewing the respondent's brief and preparing the reply brief. Do not add any other time or expense to the claim.

Please contact Lynelle Hee at lkh@adi-sandiego.com if you have questions, need assistance, or are seeking project authorization to submit other claims due to financial hardship.

Date : 1/23/2024

Links to Important Documents

Date : 6/17/2024

Contact Us:

Operator: 619-696-0282

Claim payment status queries.

The JCC does not guarantee payment within a certain amount of time. They strive to pay claims under $7,500.00 in 10 business days and claims $7,500.00 and above in 15 business days. Please wait to contact ADI about the status of a payment until the applicable time period has passed. For questions about the status of a payment, please contact Omar Palacio at oap@adi-sandiego.com.  Do not contact the JCC about status of payment.

Paralegal Assistance:  Please contact the paralegal with the corresponding terminal digit (last digit of the case number).

Din Villa at ddv@adi-sandiego.com (x 142) -- Digits 0, 9

John Diaz at jjd@adi-sandiego.com (x 158) -- Digits 1, 2

Josephine Wang at jlw@adi-sandiego.com (x160) -- Digits 5, 6

Kathy Hall at klh@adi-sandiego.com -- (x 141) -- Digits 3, 4

Roya Enami at ree@adi-sandiego.com (x 153) -- Digits 7, 8

General Questions or Concerns:  Contact Kathy Hall at klh@adi-sandiego.com (x 141)


For Claims Assistance:  Please contact the claims processor with the corresponding terminal digit (last digit of the case number).

Omar Palacio at oap@adi-sandiego.com (x 148) -- Digit 0

John Diaz at jjd@adi-sandiego.com (x 158) -- Digits 1, 2

Josephine Wang at jlw@adi-sandiego.com (x160) -- Digit 6

Aida Orio at ano@adi-sandiego.com -- Digit 5

Kathy Hall at klh@adi-sandiego.com (x 141) -- Digits 3, 4, 8

Din Villa at ddv@adi-sandiego.com (x 142) -- Digit  7

Lori Olthoff at lmo@adi-sandiego.com (x 151) - Digit 9

General Questions or Concerns  Contact Kathy Hall at klh@adi-sandiego.com  (x 141).

For help unlocking passwords and other technical problems, please email CMSSupport@adi-sandiego.com.